Welcome to Naughty Needles, a Tattoo Studio in Bolton, UK.

Naughty Needles is an award winning tattoo studio and home to Paul Owen a young ambitious tattoo artist. It is a fully health registered tattoo studio using only the best tattooing needles and inks. The shop boasts multiple awards as well as thousands of varied designs ranging from your everyday religious and Japanese tattoos to your unique and more elaborate custom artwork.

Do not feel limited by your everyday design sheets, here at naughty needles we pride ourselves in unique custom pieces of tattoo art designed for each specific customer. If you have an idea no matter how wild or wonderful, we will do our utmost to see your needs met. Feel free to bring in your own ideas be this from books or images of the internet. Remember, you are an individual, your tattoo should be an extension of yourself. A tattoo is for life, choose wisely.


European/USA dates yet to be confirmed

After winning the colour category at Leeds international tattoo convention this year and showing well at the New York tattoo expo, we have been asked to attend Belfast international tattoo convention in August. Also South Africa is in the early stages of being confirmed for February next year! We will update the site with news of any further shows!!

Portfolio update 24/07/2014

We've just updated our portfolio section including new oriental tattoos and greywash, check them out!

Our New Site

We now have our new site launched, as you can tell it's a bit different! We hope you enjoy the new and improved portfolio page to see photos of Paul's latest tattoo work.